About Us

Team Laboratory Chemical Corporation, established in 1977, provides innovative solutions with a full product line of chemical products. Our team of experienced research and development experts in our Detroit Lakes, Minnesota offices have developed the ultimate base stabilizer for paved and unpaved gravel roads – BASE ONE®.

BASE ONE® has been tested for years in some of the harshest conditions right here in the Upper Midwest. The frequent temperature extremes and freeze/thaw cycles we experience in this area of the country have provided the ultimate testing conditions for our products.

Our cost effective product will stabilize and enhance aggregate base material as well as full depth reclamation (FDR) projects that utilize a blend of existing asphalt and aggregate base that creates a strong base for the upper surface layer. Our product is consistently proven in independent testing to provide greater average layer coefficient per inch, average resilient modulus (ksi)/stabilized layer, average GE per inch and average tonnage when compared against untreated roadway. 

Team Laboratory Chemical Corporation was founded on the desire to help you build a better road from the bottom up. We hope you’ll consider using BASE ONE® for your next road construction project!

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