What Is Base One®

What is BASE ONE®?

BASE ONE® is a base and aggregate surface stabilizer that is designed to improve the strength and stability of aggregate and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) materials. It is a concentrated liquid stabilizing agent that is added to the water used to bring the base material to optimum moisture content for compaction. BASE ONE® was developed in the early eighties, throughout years of research and development it has become a valuable cost-saving, road-building base stabilizer for many projects throughout the United States.


Patented*, Safe, Easy to use, and Economical – 12¢ per square yard per inch stabilized. 
*Patent No. 7,651,294, 7,845,879, and 7,898,731

>>View the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for BASE ONE®<<

How does BASE ONE® work?

BASE ONE® stabilizes and enhances the base material through its detergency, lubricating, and bonding properties.

BASE ONE® dries to form a tough, tightly adhering inorganic, insoluble bond that lasts indefinitely.

BASE ONE® contains a high concentration of silicon dioxide and sodium oxide that acts like cement by forming hydrated calcium silicate when added to the material.

BASE ONE® Application Rates:

Application rate for BASE ONE® concentrate is .005 gallons per square yard per inch stabilized.
•.02 gallons per sq/yd stabilizing 4”
•.03 gallons per sq/yd stabilizing 6”
•.04 gallons per sq/yd stabilizing 8”
•.05 gallons per sq/yd stabilizing 10”
•.06 gallons per sq/yd stabilizing 12”

Enough water is needed to uniformly spread the required amount of BASE ONE® over the length, width, and depth of the project. Additional water can be added to bring aggregate material to optimum moisture content for compaction to meet required density.

How is BASE ONE® packaged?

BASE ONE® concentrate is conveniently shipped in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes.

>>View the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for BASE ONE®<<