Project Profile #3

  • Location County
  • Project Type
  • Application Method Reclaim/Inject Base One
  • Installation Date 2008

Project Details

County stabilized 6” new aggregate surface material.

Project Notes: (Before stabilizing with BASE ONE®)
County was adding 250-275 tons per mile of aggregate
surfacing material per year.
County was blading once per week.
Typical annual maintenance cost (aggregate and motor grader) = $27,650

Project Notes: (After stabilizing with BASE ONE®)
County now blades only 3 times per season.
New annual maintenance cost (motor grader) = $5,145
County is saving $22,505 per year.

Added new material in 2012.

“The one factor we cannot put a dollar value on is the increased strength of the road. Going from a typical 5 ton gravel road that got turned upside down every year.” – County Engineer

(This route is a main artery for a sugar beet piling plant.)