Project Profile #6

  • Location County
  • Project Type
  • Application Method Reclaim/Inject BASE ONE®
  • Installation Date August, 2015 - Reclaim/Inject July, 2016 - Double Chip Seal

Project Details

After major flooding in 2011 and annual spring/summer issues with oil field traffic getting stuck, the county was forced to address this high maintenance area. They elected to stabilize 12″ of the subgrade with cement in 6 different sections of the 6 mile project and stabilize the top 4″ of a modified, ND Class 13 gravel with BASE ONE®. The roadway was finished with a double chip seal surface treatment.

Project Test Results

Gradation Test Results:

Sieve Size or Testing Method Percent Passing or Testing Requirement
1” 100
3/4” 90-100
3/8” 50-90
No. 4 35-80
No. 10 20-70
No. 40 10-40
No. 200 8-15*
% Shale and soft rock max. 15%
L.A. abrasion loss max. 15%
Plasticity index 4-12%
Fractured faces 10%
*The material passing the #200 sieve should be able to be rolled into a ribbon when moistened, indicating adequate clay material in the fines.