Project Profile #4

  • Location County
  • Project Type
  • Application Method Gravel Surface Stabilization
  • Installation Date Multi-Year Plan

Project Details

Polk County Engineer, Rich Sanders started a 5 year gravel stabilization program several years ago.

County requested bids to have 15 – 20 miles of gravel road per year stabilized with BASE ONE®.

Each project mile selected gets 4” of new Class 5 Modified aggregate base material that is stabilized with BASE ONE®.

Goal: To reduce the re-graveling cycles and annual blading maintenance.

Polk County No BASE ONE®

Project Test Results

County was able to skip a re-graveling cycle in 2018 on the projects stabilized with BASE ONE®,
saving the county over $150,000 in 2018.
Blading was reduced to one time per month vs one time per week, saving the county wear and tear on equipment.
Gravel roads that were impassable, muddy, and sloppy in the spring are now nice stabilized gravel roads.