Project Profile #1

  • Location Township
  • Project Type
  • Application Method 1.1 miles Blade Mix/Spray Truck
  • Installation Date Summer 2010

Project Details

This 1.1 mile segment is a gravel surface road which connects to bituminous roads on both ends. This road is a high maintenance section with washboarding, potholes, and severe dust problems. The road has a steep hill that was difficult to maintain as a gravel road and it also presented safety issues. It is used heavily in the summer as a shortcut road from a metro area to summer lake homes. Four inches of new MN Class 5 was added to the surface and stabilized with BASE ONE® and an Otta Seal surface treatment was applied. The following year a chip seal was applied to finish the project. The weekend commuters and local homeowners enjoy a dust free asphalt like driving surface. The township received a bid to add gravel and place a bituminous surface on this section for $299,000. The stabilized base and Otta Seal cost $115,000, saving the township $184,000. The township is very satisfied with the road and has plans to use this solution on other roads within the township.

Project Test Results